Donate Books to the VA

All authors wind up with boxes of old books gathering dust and clogging up closets. If you’ve been in the business for a while, you know how that is. Although authors can donate books to libraries and schools, too often those copies get pitched in the trash as soon as you walk out the door. The better solution is to donate books to active members of the military and veterans through local groups and VA hospitals. I have a good friend who was a Marine and now works for the VA. All my of old book copies go to him to disseminate to troops being deployed and to vets in the hospital. If you don’t have someone with which you work at present, try contacting a local veterans groups. It’s a small thing, but the guys and gals really appreciate free books! <smile>

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Support Author-Friendly Booksellers

Authors should support booksellers that support them in return. Don’t chase sites that seem to despise your very existence. Vendors that “troll” the review process to disallow both peer reviews (author-to-author) and established reviewer groups should be avoided. Instead, authors should focus marketing efforts on author-friendly sites, such as Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Both offer easy ways to “gift” books to reviewers, and then will allow reviews to be posted without behind-the-scenes skullduggery. They also tend to pay higher royalties per unit sold on most types of editions.

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FREE Downloads at Smashwords

Through July 1st, a limited number of ebook copies on select titles by Terri Branson are FREE to download at Smashwords. Yes, free! Titles include: A PSYCHIC LIFE (non-fiction), COSMIC SCULPTURE (award-winning SF/fantasy anthology), DRAGON’S DEN (science fiction), MUSK RAIN (paranormal romance), and PRAIRIE FIRE (western romance). Go to the author profile page on Smashwords to find title listings and discount codes:

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Send Book Reviews Form

To review Terri Branson’s books, simply use the on-site form SEND BOOK REVIEWS. Look under ABOUT on the main header menu or find the link on the right sidebar. In addition to posting reviews on vendor websites, it’s a great idea to send them directly to the author in question for better distribution on websites and social media. | Go to Send Books Reviews form…

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Get FREE EPUB downloads of PRAIRIE FIRE by Terri Branson

A limited number of free EPUB ebook downloads are now available to reviewers at Smashwords for PRAIRIE FIRE by Terri Branson. Chloe intends to stay only a short time with her brother Joe and his family on their ranch in 1893 Oklahoma Territory. However, she soon finds herself embroiled in Joe’s matchmaking efforts, while at the same time catching the interest of a nosy ghost named Fire Horse. All Max McKee wants is to buy a few horses, yet he gets entangled in Joe’s scheme to marry off the lovely and wealthy Chloe, who happens to be the owner of those horses. When a series of suspicious fires spooks the local ranchers, Chloe and Max must work together to find out who is setting those fires and try not to get themselves killed in the process. [Western / Paranormal Romance (PG) 96,000 words | READ ABOUT] Hurry to claim your free ebook download using the on-site discount code. GO TO SMASHWORDS LISTING…

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