A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS now in discount color paperback at Lulu

Find A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS, children’s Christmas-themed picture book by Terri Branson, in discount color paperback at Lulu for just $8.99! Three clever young dragons (Fang, Claw, and Spike) devise a way to get Santa Claus to visit their cave on Christmas Eve. Do they just want their stockings filled for Christmas, or should Santa worry about falling into a dragon’s cave? | READ MORE & FIND SALES LINKS | PAPERBACK AT LULU | HARDBACK AT LULU |

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BROTHER DRAGON discount paperbacks at Lulu

BROTHER DRAGON, the award-winning children’s picture book written by Terri Branson and illustrated in full color by Chet Taylor, is now available at Lulu in color paperback and coloring book at discount pricing. Although born a water dragon, all Brother Dragon dreams about is flying among the clouds. But will his wish come true in time to save his adopted human family? [EPPIE 2005 Best Children’s Book trophy winner | Children’s Picture Book (rated G for all audiences)] Color Paperback $8.99 at Lulu | Coloring Book $4.24 at Lulu | Color Hardback $22.49 at Lulu | READ MORE and find all sales links…

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Geodoodles coloring book on sale at Lulu

Get the GEODOODLES adult coloring book for just $4.79 at Lulu! Challenge the mind with 60 original and complex geometric designs to color using pencils, markers, crayons, or any desired medium. Each geodoodle is created to reveal surprising layers and stunning visual effects when completed. | READ MORE | GO TO LULU |

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Scooter’s World discount paperback at Lulu

Now get the color paperback edition of the children’s picture book SCOOTER’S WORLD by Terri Branson for just $8.99 at Lulu alongside the color hardback edition. | Read about the book… | Go to Lulu… |

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Get $0.99 ebooks at Smashwords

Get ebooks by Terri Branson for just $0.99 at Smashwords using the onsite discount code. [Discounts expire 12/31/207] Add EPUB downloads to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Keep only what you are reading at the time on your device to save space. Download titles from your Smashwords library when needed. Go to Smashwords to find $0.99 ebooks: https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/terribranson

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