Earthquake Villains

quakevillians490x520Earlier this week the agency now tasked with investigating causes for earthquakes in central Oklahoma (without a scientist in sight) gave an odd news conference in response to the bizarre and bone-rattling earthquake swarm that occurred between Guthrie and Edmond on June 20-22 (and still ongoing in pockets). Since there are no oil and gas production sites in the area (because it’s rural housing editions and farmland for miles and miles in all directions), the spokesman said they simply could not pinpoint a triggering source for this earthquake swarm. As they apparently have ruled out natural causes (the actual reason), perhaps they should consider Bond villains. The three suspects shown above are notorious criminals. Ernst Blowfelt once set up a secret base inside a Japanese volcano. Auric Goldfinger once tried to take over the US gold supply. And Dr. No liked to shoot down nation state rockets. These are really nasty characters, any of which would be diabolical enough to create artificial earthquakes. Not sure what the target could be just north of Oklahoma City, but maybe one of them just dislikes horse farms and rural housing editions. <shrug>


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