Quake Critter BBQ

critterdoa800x800Recent earthquake activity in the Chickasha area (which is just a hop-skip-and-a-jump northeast of the Meers Fault) has left the Oklahoma powers that be searching for a cause to this unusual shaking. Let’s see, around Chickasha you have cows, more cows, crops, hay fields, a few houses — but no discernible oil field activity. Oh, my! What could it be? Since the powers that be have ruled out natural causes and won’t speak the word “Meers” without throwing salt over their shoulders and donning garlic necklaces, the only other possibility must be that notoriously nasty critter from Tremors! So here’s a wanted poster. If you catch one of these beasties, take the carcass to the nearest state official so they can organize a good old fashion Okie BBQ! That ought to fix things and stop those pesky quakes, right?


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