Solar Activity and Oklahoma Earthquakes

20170119sunspots420x310Despite what the local news says, without doubt earthquakes in Oklahoma are caused by natural Earth changes in conjunction with solar cycles. The facts speak for themselves. All major earthquakes in the Oklahoma region since the beginning of this ongoing swarm that started in November 2011 have occurred along with some kind of solar event (SPE or CME). Many also follow major geologic events in Central and South America, because those plates push up and over against the lower United States. This confluence of plate movements creates the Meers Fault in southwestern Oklahoma, and that particular fault has been building pressure for at least 1,300 years.

As for the solar data, see the above chart for 01/19/2017 from the website. Note that in 2009 the number of days without sunspots was 260. In 2010 that decreased to 51 days. In 2011, when the first big 5.6 magnitude quake hit near Prague (OK), there were just 2 days without sunspots. Sunspot activity increased to daily (just one free day in 2014), and then starting falling off in 2016 to just 32 days. The current earthquake activity (ongoing swarm) in Oklahoma started in 2011 and kept going strong until 2016. Although there were some fairly large quakes in 2016 in Oklahoma, the overall quake activity declined dramatically from the previous few years. However, the first two weeks of 2017 have seen an increase in the percentage of days with sunspots, and a moderate increase in quake activity has followed.

In fact, on 01/19/2017 the ground and overall atmosphere just north of Oklahoma City felt very strange with intermittent soft ground rolls, odd distant earth booms, and bouts of that peculiar rapid trembling effect. Also, my cat Scooter went nuts at 5:30 AM with the most bizarre behavior I have seen out of him in his five years. He was scuttling around on his belly with his tail fuzzed out like bottle brush and was absolutely terrified. We made sure he wasn’t sick. He wasn’t. Then checked the house for critters (post ice storm). Couldn’t find any scorpions or snakes or anything in the house. Therefore, I have to wonder if Scooter (a 20-pound black Manx cat; he’s a big, tough boy) than hear and/or feel something we cannot. Is something untoward on the horizon?