Theoretical Bones


One thing I simple cannot tolerate is bad science, especially when it slips into political theater. The powers that be in Oklahoma for several years have been issuing couched mutterings about so-called artificially induced earthquakes, which has led to insurance companies denying claims with the tacit blessing of the state. This not only harms the public by leaving them without the same insurance protection they can get against floods and tornadoes and ice storms, but it also but implies that something can be done to stop earthquakes. We can no more prevent earthquakes, which are clearly part of a larger global pattern, than we can stop the sun from shining. Right now this goofy notion that earthquakes in Oklahoma are due to man-made activity is a bone-headed theory that will be proved just as wrong as the Earth being flat and the Moon being made of cheese. Isn’t it ironic in a region where climate change is denied and the theory of evolution decried that so many people greedily embrace an unproven baseless theory of man-made tectonic activity? To pile on the stupidity, people are even being encouraged to file unwinnable lawsuits against oil companies. Well, if they want to sue someone, I suppose they will have to start with God. Good luck with that.