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Bring Barnes & Noble, the world’s largest and most respected bookstore, to your mobile devices through FREE apps. The NOOK Reading App for ebooks is available for Android, Apple, Windows 8-10, and of course on Samsung and Nook tablets. Also, browse all of B&N from an iPhone using the Barnes & Noble App for Apple. Remember that Terri Branson’s books are available through B&N in various paperback and hardback editions, as well as top quality EPUB ebooks.

Find Books by Terri Branson at Barnes & Noble

Find books by Terri Branson online at Barnes & Noble in Nook EPUBs, paperbacks, and hardbacks. Editions vary by title. As always, get FREE SHIPPING at B&N with qualifying orders of $25 or more! — GO TO BN.COM…

Support Author-Friendly Booksellers

Authors should support booksellers that support them in return. Don’t chase sites that seem to despise your very existence. Vendors that “troll” the review process to disallow both peer reviews (author-to-author) and established reviewer groups should be avoided. Instead, authors should focus marketing efforts on author-friendly sites, such as Barnes & Noble and Smashwords. Both offer easy ways to “gift” books to reviewers, and then will allow reviews to be posted without behind-the-scenes skullduggery. They also tend to pay higher royalties per unit sold on most types of editions.

Geodoodles new adult coloring book


GEODOODLES, the new adult coloring book by Terri Branson, is now available in 8×10 trim paperback for only $6.99 (or less). Challenge the mind with sixty (60) original and complex geometric designs to color using pencils, markers, crayons, or any desired medium. Each geodoodle is created to reveal surprising layers and stunning visual effects when completed. Some listings are live now; others will enable in a few days. || “Excellent! Who would think, as an adult, I would like to color? Not me… Received this as a gift and much to my surprise coloring these geometric designs is addictive. If you like to doodle, this takes it to another level. Can’t wait for the next one!” ~ reviewed Allen Gaines [FIVE STARS] || Read more and find sales links…

Scooter’s World new picture book

Scooter's World

Check out the new picture book, SCOOTER’S WORLD, written and illustrated by Terri Branson. Take a real-life journey through the world of Scooter the Cat. Click here to read about and to find sales links…