A Very Dragon Christmas

Three young dragons (Fang, Claw, and Spike) devise a way to get Santa Claus to their cave on Christmas Eve. Do they just want their stockings filled or should Santa worry about falling into a dragon’s cave?

A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS [©2008] Written by Terri Branson | Illustrated by Kim Sponaugle | Children’s Picture Book (Rated G) 24 pages (full color) | Released in ebook, hardback, and paperbacks on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.


“What could be more adorable than three little dragons dressing up their cave for a visit from Santa Claus? Well, Santa is not so thrilled at first, but one look around at the sparse living conditions in the cave are all the old elf needs to know. This is a story about the real meaning of gift-giving at Christmas, i.e. charity. The illustrations by Kim Sponaugle are absolutely gorgeous. A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS is a great book for any child’s holiday reading shelf.” ~ Sparks Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“Fang, Claw, and Spike are dragons anxiously preparing for the arrival of Santa Claus. Fang, Claw, and Spike live inside a dark cave. They decide to paint a fireplace, hang up three stockings, and even leave out some cookies and milk for Santa.  When the jolly old man comes down the cave roof, will he be happy to see three fire breathing dragons, or run for his life? What a clever idea to have dragons celebrate Christmas and get everything ready for Santa. This book is a great asset for children. I thought Ms. Branson told a wonderful tale. Her range in storytelling is portrayed enough to emit no prejudices where Santa is concerned and leave a warm sensation with the reader. Ms. Sponaugle illustrates the story so vividly; it permits the reader to get in the holiday season. I found A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS quite enjoyable.” ~ CoffeeTime Romance

“On Christmas Eve, all good little girls and boys look forward to a visit from Santa Claus. But what about dragons? Does Santa visit good little dragons as well? Fang, Claw, and Spike wanted Santa to visit them on Christmas Eve. Together they prepared everything so that Santa would come. They built a red brick chimney in the cave wall. They hung up stockings.  They decorated a tree. They even put out milk and cookies. What would Santa think when he realized that he was in a cave filled with dragons? A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS is a great holiday story. The little dragons are so full of personality and the illustrations add to the fun.” ~ Dr. Tami Brady for TCM Reviews

“What a great, innovative way to present a classic Christmas story to children who are intrigued with dragons! A VERY DRAGON CHRISTMAS would be an entertaining addition to any young family’s holiday collection.” ~ Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]


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