Brother Dragon

Brother Dragon

Although born a water dragon, all Brother Dragon dreams about is flying among the clouds. But will his wish come true in time to save his adopted human family?

BROTHER DRAGON [©2004] Written by Terri Branson | Illustrated by Chet Taylor | Children’s Picture Book (Rated G for ages 2-8 and up) | 46 page color edition | 24 page color edition | 52 page coloring book | Full color ebook | Released on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing

EPPIE 2005 Trophy Winner for Best Children’s Book

Brother Dragon Trophy


See inside the book Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Lulu, and Smashwords.

Paperback at AmazonPaperback at Barnes & NoblePaperback at LuluColoring Book at AmazonColoring Book at Barnes & NobleColoring Book at LuluHardback Expanded Edition at LulueBook Amazon KindleeBook at AppleeBook at Barnes & NobleeBook at KoboeBook at Smashwords

COLOR LIBRARY HARDBACK [EAN 978-0-9755888-0-2 | ISBN 0-9755888-0-X] 8.5×11 library casebound (46 pages color) includes 22 full-page color illustrations | Average Price: $24.99

COLOR PAPERBACK EXPANDED EDITION [EAN 978-1-941278-53-6 | ISBN 1-941278-53-1] 8×10 trim (46 pages) with 22 full page color illustrations | Average Price: $12.99

ORIGINAL COLOR PAPERBACK (24 pages) [EAN 978-0-9787421-9-2-5 | ISBN 0-9787421-9-2] 8×10 trim | Average Price: $11.99

COLORING BOOK (8×10 B/W) [EAN 978-1-941278-48-2 | ISBN 1-941278-48-5] 52 pages | Average Price: $7.99

COLOR EBOOK (file sizes vary) [EAN 978-1-936381-80-7 |  ISBN 1-936381-80-X] Available in EPUB and Amazon Kindle | Average Price: $3.99

EPUB editions are available at Apple iBooks, Axis-360, Barnes & Noble, Blio, Kobo Books, Open Library, Overdrive, Scribd, Smashwords, and more. Kindle MOBI editions are available at Amazon and Smashwords. Contact your local library to request titles be added to their lending systems. Find discounts on hardbacks and paperbacks at Lulu. Find 99-cent ebook downloads at Smashwords.


“BROTHER DRAGON will spark the imagination. Great for the preschooler!  You will fall in love with the dragons.” ~ reviewed by Amber Sparks for Sparks Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“BROTHER DRAGON is a lovely story with great illustrations. A young dragon enthusiast will love it!” ~ reviewed by R. Slaughter for Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“This story teaches the value of accepting creatures that are different from us. BROTHER DRAGON eventually becomes a mighty friend who protects the family that takes him in.” ~ Shanna Bartlett Groves [FIVE STARS]

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