Pete, the Peacock, Goes to Town

Pete the Peacock flies away from the farm one afternoon and straight into trouble in a nearby town. When he perches atop a local church to listen to the singing, his peacock calls wreak havoc on the afternoon choir practice.

PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO TOWN [©2005] Written by Terri Branson | Illustrated by Chet Taylor | Children’s Picture Book (G) 24 pages color | Released in print and ebook on the Kittycat Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. | Also read: PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO THE ZOO

AUTHOR NOTE: I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma. In addition to cows and chickens, for a time we also had a pair of peacocks (the male peacock and the female peahen). They were sweet, smart, and very large birds who could go from the ground to the top of a large two-story house with two flaps of their great wings. One afternoon, after we had put them in their large covered pen for the night (for their own protection against predators), these two mischievous birds picked open the latch and then flew two miles to the nearby small town. One perched on the peak of a church. The other perched in a tree across the street. It just so happened that the church in question was in the midst of an evening service. With one bird on the church and the other across the street, as peacocks like to do, they started calling each other. If you have never heard peacocks calling one another, descriptions range from a baby crying to a mountain lion howling. Yes, we had mountain lions in the area. As one might guess, all that bird chatter quickly emptied the church and had people running around the small town. They even called the county police. The next morning the police showed up at our house and asked my father if he owned a pair of peacocks, who at that time were locked in a chicken pen in town. This is a TRUE story from the early 1970s. It even made the county newspaper. It was funny at the time, and I think it’s still funny. And it’s the inspiration for PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO TOWN. I hope you enjoy it!


“Pete the Peacock is a curious farm peacock who flies off to the nearby town with funny and loud results. When he begins to disrupt the local church, it is up to his farmer and his peacock wife to save the day. This is a wonderful book for young children with an easy-to-read style and lovely graphics. It is perfect for young children. PETE, THE PEACOCK, GOES TO TOWN does not overload kids with complex messages. It just gives an entertaining story of exploration and coming home. I loved this book not just because it is such a charming story. Having grown up on a farm with peacocks, it brought back the warmest memories while I was reading it to my younger children. Kids will definitely enjoy reading this book and will be captivated by the illustrations. Pete the Peacock is an exceptional book for kids.” ~ reviewed by Anya Khan for Coffee Time Romance [FIVE STARS]

“A charming book about a mischievous peacock who interrupts a church choir practice. A humorous read with great illustrations.” ~ reviewed by Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“A beautifully illustrated book that gives personality to the most colorful of bird species, the peacock.” ~ reviewed by Shanna Bartlett Groves [FIVE STARS]


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