Cosmic Sculpture

Cosmic Sculpture

COSMIC SCULPTURE includes fourteen science fiction and fantasy stories plus the DRAGON’S DEN novel. Read tales of Mars, Atlantis, dragons, faeries, vampires, reincarnation, and more. Short stories include: Cosmic Sculpture, A Crack in the Dome, Dragon by the Tail, Last One Out, Reciprocation, Souvenir, A Bit of Dragon, Burglar Bane, Karmic Debts, The Librarian’s Footstool, The Red Faerie, Dragon Play, Self-Inheritance, and The Substitute Victim. Then inside the DRAGON’S DEN on the isolated and icy world of T’Panabar, martial arts master Raza learns he is the key to exposing an illegal mining operation. With treachery afoot at every turn, he must confront the most dangerous dragon incarnate of all: himself.


COSMIC SCULPTURE [©2003] by Terri Branson | Science Fiction & Fantasy Anthology (PG) 204 pages / 56,000 words | Eppie 2004 Best Anthology trophy award winner in all genres | Released in print and ebook on the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing

EPPIE 2004 Trophy Winner for Best Anthology

Cosmic Sculpture Trophy


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“In COSMIC SCULPTURE, dip into the life of a lonely vampire, crawl through a crystalline mine, or mull over our sun’s ‘missing planet’, all leavened with humor and the whisper of dragons’ wings.” ~ Jeanette Cottrell for eBook Reviews Weekly [FIVE STARS]

“COSMIC SCULPTURE is a refreshingly original collection of short stories. Ms. Branson has everything from little boys to vampires. She keeps you on your toes with her variety of subjects, and you just never can guess what her next tale will tell. I thoroughly enjoyed every unique one. They were a very fast read. You can keep this book in your purse or briefcase and enjoy a story while you wait. I’m sure there is a waiting line somewhere in your day. The story of her dragon, on the other hand, lets you get your teeth into the book. I know you will enjoy them all. My suggestion is that everyone put Ms. Branson’s books on their bookshelves or include them on their current order-waiting list. You will not be sorry.” ~ Brenda McCoy for CoffeeTime Romance [FIVE STARS]

“COSMIC SCULPTURE, which won the EPPIE 2004 Best Anthology trophy award, certainly is a winner from beginning to end. The first part is filled with a unique mix of science fiction and fantasy stories, while the second part caps off with the superb short novel DRAGON’S DEN. Truly a FIVE STAR read.” ~ reviewed by Amber Sparks for Sparks Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“COSMIC SCULPTURE has some of the best short stories that I have read. They are a clever and unusual assortment of science fiction and fantasy. The second half of the book introduces a dragon world series in DRAGON’S DEN with more to come. I highly recommend this anthology.” ~ reviewed by Grandma’s Reading Corner [FIVE STARS]

“COSMIC SCULPTURE is a clever and often humorous blend of science fiction and fantasy.” ~ reviewed by R. Slaughter for Chaos Arts Reviews [FIVE STARS]

“COSMIC SCULPTURE is a fascinating blend of dragons and aliens, science fiction and Native American wisdom. Although each story stands on its own, Ms. Branson’s caustic sense of humor binds the collection into a cohesive whole. An unforgettable reading experience.” ~ reviewed by Paula Blais Gorgas for Roserock Reviews [FIVE STARS]

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