Dragon’s Blood

Dragon's Blood

Karazamon Toa Kalandyn, a.k.a. Raza, has spent most of his 163 years as a Master of the Sooran Guard, the elite military of the Eshkalle of the Mekara solar system. Just as Raza decides to take a long overdue vacation, the Sooran Commander pleads for help. Raza may be the only one who stands a chance of ferreting out the truth of his people’s past in time to prevent political tensions from escalating into a full-scale interplanetary war. But what he finds may shake everything he thought he knew of his world, of his people, and of himself.

DRAGON’S BLOOD [©2020] a Dragons Incarnate series novel by Terri Branson | Science Fiction (Rated PG-13) __ pages / __,000 words | Released in print and ebook on the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc. | Web: www.dragonsbloodnovel.com,/p>


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