Dragon’s Eye

A ship has been spotted heading toward the Mekara system from deep space. Are the Eshkalle people ready to confront visitors from other stars? As panic grips the political inner circles, the oldest and largest dragon clan, House Kalandyn, begs its ancient leader to return from self-imposed exile. Talin of E’Vann, the last of the old blood dragons and now well over a millennia old, still looks a hearty thirty-something and carries a six-foot long sword. Can this medieval warrior learn modern technology well enough to protect his people from possible alien foes?

DRAGON’S EYE [©20–] a Dragons Incarnate Series series novel by Terri Branson | Science Fiction (PG-13) __ pages /  __,000 words | Released in print and ebook from the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.

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