Dragon’s Fire

Talin, son of a kalan or blacksmith, was the last full-blood Perimian child born on the planet known first as Perim and later as Eshkara. A thousand years of warfare had decimated the population and destroyed all but a few isolated remnants of the advanced technology used to settle the planet. The warrior class (known as dragons or “kara” for their large size, peculiar eyes, fangs, strength, longevity, and psychic abilities) were hunted by the ruling class for centuries until only a few full-blood kara remained. Among them was an ancient dragon warrior with a young son named Talin. Fleeing the ravaged cities, the old warrior took his son across the mountains and settled in the Valley of Aumrau where people lived simple lives. There Talin Kalandyn, son of the old blacksmith, grew to manhood in the eastern valley known as the Aumrau. When war came to the Aumrau, Talin picked up the sword and waged war on the last of the old ruling class barons.

DRAGON’S FIRE [©20–] a Dragons Incarnate series novel by Terri Branson | Science Fiction (Rated PG) __ pages / __,000 words | Released in print and ebook on the DFP Books label of Dragonfly Publishing, Inc.